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"Altered States of Body and Mind"

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This 30-week course begins with a review of classical, object relations and intersubjective psychoanalytic concepts pertaining to substance abuse and eating disorders.

We examine the neurobiology of addiction, affect dysregulation and anxious attachment strategies underlying compulsive food and substance use. We examine sexual addiction, gambling, gaming and the allure of high-risk activities.

"Black Psychoanalysts Speak” is a powerful video, drawn from interviews with eleven Black psychoanalysts discussing their lived experience from within and outside of the psychanalytical movement—‘outside’, because, in many ways, despite being psychoanalysts, they generally feel like outsiders even while within it. 


In the milieu of today and the Black Lives Matter movement/moment, psychoanalysis must examine its inherent racism. These Black psychoanalysts are speaking to that and more: to class, to culture, to power relations.

Please click on the video above to view this evocative, moving film.

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