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Psychoanalytic Conversations
Re-Framing Psychoanalysis: New perspectives on our changing clinical situation

Join us at the home of Thomas Helscher and Karen Beard for the first of our new series, “Psychoanalytic Conversations.”The premise of this year-long series of conversations with LAISPS’s clinicians will be that the recent pandemic and its wrenching alterations of the frame are only the most dramatic and visible of the numerous tectonic shifts psychoanalysis has had to face in the last few decades, as we try to keep up with a rapidly changing world in which issues of gender, sexual orientation, race, and increasing political polarization have forced us to re-examine many of our basic assumptions about and theories underpinning our clinical work.


Sunday, November 13, 2022

3:30pm - 5:30pm

Limited Availability - First-Come, First-Served


"Black Psychoanalysts Speak” is a powerful video, drawn from interviews with eleven Black psychoanalysts discussing their lived experience from within and outside of the psychanalytical movement—‘outside’, because, in many ways, despite being psychoanalysts, they generally feel like outsiders even while within it. 


In the milieu of today and the Black Lives Matter movement/moment, psychoanalysis must examine its inherent racism. These Black psychoanalysts are speaking to that and more: to class, to culture, to power relations.

Please click on the video above to view this evocative, moving film.

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