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Psychoanalytic Conversations
“The frame as institution and relational improvisation in a psychotherapy conducted during the COVID quarantine”

     In this talk we will return to the concept of the psycho-analytic frame as the repository of the symbiotic aspects, but in this case, examining the ways in which those include the symbiotic aspects of the analytic couple.

     We will explore the analyst’s and patient’s attempts to re-create a workable frame and repository for his “most primitive part” and “ghost world” (Bleger, 1967), so that an analytic process could unfold in dialectical interplay with the substratum of intra-psychic and inter-psychic life.


Saturday, January 14, 2023

3:30pm - 5:30pm

Limited Availability - First-Come, First-Served


"Black Psychoanalysts Speak” is a powerful video, drawn from interviews with eleven Black psychoanalysts discussing their lived experience from within and outside of the psychanalytical movement—‘outside’, because, in many ways, despite being psychoanalysts, they generally feel like outsiders even while within it. 


In the milieu of today and the Black Lives Matter movement/moment, psychoanalysis must examine its inherent racism. These Black psychoanalysts are speaking to that and more: to class, to culture, to power relations.

Please click on the video above to view this evocative, moving film.

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