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Buddhism and Psychoanalysis:  Resources for Realizing Our Full Humanity

This program brings together three experienced psychoanalysts who are also Buddhist practitioners and teachers. The themes they will address are timely. Pilar Jennings will speak on Holding Steady and Holding Trauma: Equanimity in the Face of Traumatic Change; Jeff Eaton on Welcoming Suchness: Notes on Realizing a Welcoming Mind; and Joseph Bobrow on Opening to the Extraordinary in the Ordinary: How Free Association Facilitates and Impedes.

Saturday, October 8, 2022

9am - 1pm

4 CME/ CE Credits

This is a virtual event, attended via Zoom


"Black Psychoanalysts Speak” is a powerful video, drawn from interviews with eleven Black psychoanalysts discussing their lived experience from within and outside of the psychanalytical movement—‘outside’, because, in many ways, despite being psychoanalysts, they generally feel like outsiders even while within it. 


In the milieu of today and the Black Lives Matter movement/moment, psychoanalysis must examine its inherent racism. These Black psychoanalysts are speaking to that and more: to class, to culture, to power relations.

Please click on the video above to view this evocative, moving film.

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