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“Psychosomatics Today: A Virtual Workshop  with Marilia Aisenstein

Join us as Dr. Aisenstein’s presents her work, a uniquely French Freudian contribution to the investigation of primitive breakdowns and their somatic consequences.  Her theory of psychosomatic illness, for example, describes the crucial distinction between neurotic somatic illnesses such as hysterical conversion symptoms and more primitive psychotic process breakdowns lacking mental representation.


Saturday, June 10, 2023

10am - 1pm

This program will be presented via Zoom Video Conferencing.


"Black Psychoanalysts Speak” is a powerful video, drawn from interviews with eleven Black psychoanalysts discussing their lived experience from within and outside of the psychanalytical movement—‘outside’, because, in many ways, despite being psychoanalysts, they generally feel like outsiders even while within it. 


In the milieu of today and the Black Lives Matter movement/moment, psychoanalysis must examine its inherent racism. These Black psychoanalysts are speaking to that and more: to class, to culture, to power relations.

Please click on the video above to view this evocative, moving film.

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