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Psychoanalytic Conversations
“The frame as institution and relational improvisation in a psychotherapy conducted during the COVID quarantine”

     In this talk we will return to the concept of the psycho-analytic frame as the repository of the symbiotic aspects, but in this case, examining the ways in which those include the symbiotic aspects of the analytic couple.

     We will explore the analyst’s and patient’s attempts to re-create a workable frame and repository for his “most primitive part” and “ghost world” (Bleger, 1967), so that an analytic process could unfold in dialectical interplay with the substratum of intra-psychic and inter-psychic life.


Saturday, January 14, 2023

3:30pm - 5:30pm

Limited Availability - First-Come, First-Served




LAISPS is dedicated to psychoanalytic independence, an open-minded, discerning attitude toward the rich diversity of psychoanalytic theory and practice. We highly value the broad spectrum of psychoanalytic thought, including classical psychoanalytic theory, object relations, and attachment theory as well as contemporary perspectives of self psychology, intersubjectivity, and relational theories. The institute is committed to excellence in education of psychoanalysts as well as psychotherapists, graduate students and interns who wish to deepen their theoretical understanding and clinical skills in psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Meet Some Members of our community


Michael Diamond, Ph.D.

"I'm grateful to be a part of an institute that reflects the independent-minded spirit and soul of an inclusive, yet distinctive analytic vision emphasizing mind-body issues, drives, object relations, intersubjectivity, and unconscious mental work."

Training Analyst


Kerri Johnson, Psy.D..

"I've really enjoyed a rich, meaningful experience at LAISPS.  The thought provoking seminars and sharp minded professors and classmates have been exceptional."



Valérie von Raffay, Ph.D.

"Psychoanalysis illuminates the returning “ghosts” of our past and how they interfere with our ability to love and work.”


Ziva Doshi Photo.JPG

Ziva Doshi,


“Joining the LAISPS community has been a deeply fulfilling experience, both personally and professionally.  It has introduced me to the psychoanalytic perspective and made space for a more compassionate examination of the human condition, affliction, and resilience.”

Affiliate Society Member

Graduate LAISPS Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program


Meredith Redding, LMFT

"In an overly - pathologizing and prescriptive culture, psychoanalytic training at LAISPS offers a respite of depth, complexity, meaning and also mystery. I've always appreciated that LAISPS supports the development of my own unique analytic identity." 



Deborah Shaw, Ph.D.

“Being affiliated with LAISPS for the last thirty years has been a joy, filled with opportunities to learn and grow, and forge lifelong meaningful relationships.”

Training Analyst


Marc Sanders, Ph.D.

"I am forever grateful to the LAISPS community for opening me up to the world of psychoanalysis and nurturing me through a transformative analytic experience. My personal and professional life have been immeasurably enriched”. 


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