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In an atmosphere of intellectual independence, LAISPS helps qualified professionals create their own psychoanalytic identities.  The psychoanalytic training program ensures that candidates develop into knowledgeable and skillful psychoanalysts capable of practicing, teaching, conducting research, and applying psychoanalytic principles to the broad spectrum of human endeavor.

Analytic Training

In the tripartite model, candidates experience a personal training analysis, conduct three supervised psychoanalytic cases, and participate in an intensive four-your program of academic coursework.  LAISPS’ training analysts, who represent the full range of psychoanalytic perspectives, provide candidates with in-depth psychoanalytic learning while simultaneously respecting their intellectually autonomy.  Academic coursework begins with classical psychoanalysis and nine months of infant observation, and continues with ego psychology, Kleinian theory, object relations, attachment theory, self-psychology, intersubjectivity and relational theory.  Courses on personality development and psychopathology are integrated into this curriculum.


LAISPS is open to the theoretical, clinical, and research contributions of all mental health and allied disciplines and seeks to provide education for licensed professionals of varied backgrounds.


The LAISPS training program is designed to fit the schedules of most working mental health professionals.

For more in depth information, please check out the brochure for Psychoanalytic Training attached at the bottom of this page.

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